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Math Department

Students are all encouraged to seek extra help from their classroom teachers when they are experiencing difficulty. Both student and teacher tutors are available by contacting guidance or the department head.

Math Help Sessions

Wednesday @ Room 205
Students are welcome to come for additional mathematics help staffed on a rotating basis by all mathematics teachers on Wednesdays.



Mr. Coates
Ms. Green
Mr. Holland
Ms. Khan                            
Ms. E. Smith
Mr. Weber
Ms. Woods 



Homework Help Online

Grade 9 and 10 Homework Help Tutors Online Sunday to Thursday 5:30pm to 9:30pm
Grade 11 and 12 DSBN Online Help Tutors Online Sunday to Thursday 7-10pm

Waterloo Mathematics Competitions

27th of February, 2018

Grade 9- Pascal
Grade 10 -Cayley
Grade 11 - Fermat

11th of April, 2018
Grade 12 - Euclid

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Practice Exams